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Crystal Valley is ready for all your grain drying, storage, and marketing needs.
To get the latest bid information, contact one of our Grain Marketers today!
Ryan Brandts 507-380-9959 EMAIL
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Megan Tusa 507-840-0735 EMAIL
TJ Fulton 507-456-9798 EMAIL

We have 8 elevator locations including a 4.3 million bushel flat storage building in Madelia. Our Madelia site is located on rail and has multiple dump sites for fast and easy unloading.  Our Grain Shuttle Terminal in Hope, MN opened in 2014. The location includes a 110-car train loading facility, 3.8 million bushel upright storage, 2.8 million bushel temporary storage, 3-20,000 bushel/hour dumping pits, 80,000 bushel/hour train loading, automated scale system, and a covered probe and scale.